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ReachMail gives you the ability to secure and organize your team with unlimited users and adjustable permissions. Users and permissions can be vital in performing work efficiently and safely.

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Setting Up Users

When you have multiple people who need to access your account create a user for them instead of giving them your credentials. ReachMail offers an unlimited number of sub-users, each with their own login and password unique to them. Should they leave or change positions you can revoke access quickly and easily.

Review Campaigns Before They're Sent

Administrative users can be notified to review and approve campaigns before it's sent to your entire marketing list. Have peace of mind knowing your most trusted users can double as proofreaders.

Restricting Access

ReachMail allows you to administer access depending upon the security level and job requirements a user may need. You can grant or restrict access to: mailings, lists, downloading data, scheduling, image and document library, survey information, and reporting data.

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