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Increase revenue by increasing your email audience. Sign up forms can be customized and hosted on your website. If you don't have a site, don't worry. All ReachMail forms are automatically hosted online for you.

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Simple form creation

Creating Sign Up forms in ReachMail is easy. Start with a list in which to store the sign ups, select the form fields you want to collect and drag the to where you want them to appear in your form.

Quick implementation

Once you've built your ReachMail sign up form, we'll give you the form code. Host your sign up form with our WordPress plugin, grab the full form code and add it to your site, or just use the quick link to the form page ReachMail hosts for you.

API access to all forms

ReachMail hosts all sign up forms as API endpoints for programmatic submissions. Advanced users and collect multiple fields from their sign up and then submit only the information relevant to email via API post. Your sign up form is a great place to start collecting demographic and targeting data too. Consider asking your new subscribers for their preferences when they sign up.

Form API Documentation
Automated Data Hygiene

ReachMail Subscription Forms let you enable data hygiene checks automatically. Just enable the option when creating a new form and ReachMail will ensure that dangerous addresses are flagged before they infect your Lists.

More detail on Email Hygiene
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